Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tempting fate

Tempting fate…

… with a results post.

For those keeping track, I won $1 in an AP freeroll on November 1. I wanted to see what I could do playing mostly SNGs. I played some Ring Games and got my ass handed to me, toot sweet.

Still and all, I built the $1 into $75 on November 30.

I like that.

Of course, blowing through my Full Tilt cash kinda sucked, but it came during a brutal downturn. But to wind up where I did in spite of how badly I got ass-raped there still seems respectable.

My goals for December? Play less ring games.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

What to expect?

What to expect?

With the upcoming gathering in Vegas, a few people may start posting their helpful hints about how to survive. Alas, I am not attending AGAIN.

However, if you’re of a mind to go back a bit, you should check out what my spies sent me from the last blogger gathering:

Scroll down to June 3 and Enjoy!

My personal favorite is the only known photo of Iggy on the web.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Dog Track Poker

Had some free time and a little free cash, so I popped over to the track for a little 1/2 HE for an hour. Doubled up and left. Folded early and often, winning most of my money on two hands I played while in the blind.

4-7s, I was able to call a single raise pre-flop with 13:1 odds. Two spades on the flop and one on the river gave me the flush. I didn't raise it up on the river, content to check-call out of fear of the bigger flush (weak, I know!). There had been some betting on the come at the table, so I was expecting the A or K-high flush to be out there. Luckily, it wasn't, and I was able to come to an understanding of the phrase "monsters under the bed".

The next orbit, I pick up 77 in the blind. Unraised pre-flop, I did my best Matusow imitation, albeit silently, saying "Just ONCE let me hit my 2-outer!". A 7 on the flop answered my call, and I just bet out with 5 callers. A guy two seats to my left raised me on the river and I just called with a possible straight on the board. Turned out he'd rivered a 3 for Kings-up, and was mightily disappointed to see my set.

I've always had bad runs at this track (lost 40 BBs in 2 hrs last Christmas, tilting after having KK, flopping a K, and getting run down by 2-3o who was calling my raises and check-raises with nothing to runner-runner the wheel - bitch!). So, it was nice to get some fortuitous cards there, for once. I just played it straight-up, no tricky stuff, no bluffs. Bluffs don't play at these tables, but value bets do.

The table was new when I arrived, and we had a hooded-guy (ala, Unabomber) and a sunglass-wearing, hat-wearing, jacket-wearing guy (ala Hellmuth).

Two guesses who were the first two to bust out...



Ah, well, Turkey Day was pleasant enough yesterday. Ate too much, listened to the Brits in the family slam the Catholic church, and kept my tongue between my teeth like a good boy (as if I'm going to debate the sins of the Inquisition? And the Inquisition is relevant to me how?).

I'm just an ignorant American, no need to bother...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Break

Spending the weekend in Jax at the in-laws, timing couldn't be better, as I was just coming out of a soul-crushing run of SNGs. Early-on, I was pressing too much when the cards were going bad, trying to accumulate chips to play the waiting game on the bubble. I wasn't getting any cards at all, and it's rare to get people to lay down hands in low-dollar SNGs until you're at the bubble. Oddly, I actually started seeing better results in the occasional $6 SNG I'd throw in, as compared to the $.50-$2.00 games. Wierd. Although, those $1 games are definitely an oddball - it's like everyone there is playing with their last $1. Play gets tight, but extremely aggressive, and emotions run very high on bust-outs. The most pleasant times occur as I've taken my shots at the $6 and $10 game.

So, anyway, a break is definitely in order. I was ignoring my own advice and observations, squeezing in games rather than waiting for good conditions that would allow me to play patiently and concentrate.

I've always said I don't have the temperament to play this game for serious money. DISCIPLINE. I still have too many lapses. I know how to play well, I know when to play well, I know when not to play at all, but sometimes I just... don't.

"My name is BSN, and I am a fish..."


As I said above, I've seen emotions run very high in some of the smallest games. One guy attacked me out of the blue when I wasn't even in the hand that put him out (I had been pulling the short-stack all-in move a few hands earlier and must have doubled up off him.) Another guy at a $1 table was a classic table captain, telling us how bad we were playing and announcing his laydowns ("easy laydown" as he said with top 2 pair on the flop, facing my pot-sized check-raise). And, when he busted out seventh and started the donkey-calling, I reminded him that we were all just a bunch of pro's screwing around at the $1 table for shits-n-giggles.

However, I've found the best tactic for diffusing an attacker is to simply type "stop, you're hurting my feelings". It's worked 100% of the time. It just highlights to everyone that I know they're trying to tilt me, and how ridiculous the effort is.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Best day in a week...

Best day in a week…

… and I’m still getting plagued with suckouts…

Ah, well, we all have our own cross to bear. I won’t go on and on about it. I still managed to be profitable today, so I’ll let it be.

[Use the damnable FOLD button people! GOSH!]

Sorry, just channeling Napolean Dynamite there…


Let’s see if we can find something pokery to talk about this evening…

So, how about that Matusow?…

No, huh…

How about some results? My week can’t get any worse, really, and I have outed myself previously as a micro-limit player that can’t win above $5 (proof below). Despite the horrific week (no straights, flushes, boats, and don’t get me started on the brutal suckouts!), I am holding at a 50% ITM rate since 11/1. My win rate is down to 18%, though, a direct result of the aforementioned:

ITM % Hrly Rate Win % ROI Games
Total 50% $ 0.05 18% 2% 56
$.50 71% $ 0.66 21% 77% 14
$.75 100% $ 3.93 100% 275% 1
$1.00 53% $ 0.59 21% 36% 19
$2.00 31% $(0.22) 15% -6% 13
$5.00 33% $(2.70) 0% -27% 9

So, I’ve got some work to do. Hopefully, things are turning around with both the cards and my play. I was 3/5 ITM today, including two second places in $5 events when my money went in good in successive hands (once with one card to come, and still got rivered by the 2-outer).

Oh, yeah, I wasn’t going to discuss all that, was I?


Oh yeah, there was a home game Friday. I did not go. We all know why.

In the first 2 games they chopped heads-up…WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

Readers with a photographic memory might remember I offered a chop at this game when I was heads-up with equal chipstacks, only to be told they only chopped on the last game of the night. I only made the offer because there were 9 guys standing around waiting to play. So I went ahead and won it out of spite.

So when I heard this tale this morning at my birthday brunch (39 and holding, officially), my mouth just dropped. I kept my peace out of respect, but it just effin gets my panties in a wad over the way these guys change their rules around to suit their mood. Either the rules are the rules, or it should be left up to the guys left in the game.


Oh well, it wasn’t my money in the game. But at least I know that I have to ask before each game now.



Played 'just one more', and finally saw the winner's circle. It was a marathon. I went way up early, accumulating over half the chips on the table with 5 left. I loosened up and tried to put people out, but all I succeeded in doing was giving away my lead. At one point, I was the shortstack with about 5BBs with 4 left in the game against 2 very tight players and third tricky player. Stayed nice and tight, pushing with my good cards and managed to re-take the lead and go heads-up with a 5-1 chip advantage. By this time, blinds were 300-600, and a couple of ace-highs seemed good enough to put him all-in.

That's when he types in, "di ck head".


He's quiet all game, and has played tighter than a drum, then gets pissed because I try to, you know, beat him?

I didn't bite.

I still put him all-in every hand. He called with Q4s and flopped the flush, then has the nerve to say, "got ya".

Meanwhile, I still have him 2-1 and stay aggressive, going back up to 4-1 quickly due to his weak blind play. I put him all-in with 2-2, and he calls with T8.

His, "Moron" as he left the game was answered with a simple, "fu", the only chatting I did all game. Deuces suck, but I'll take coinflips heads-up with 4-1 and 5-1 advantages.

Guess I was supposed to let him in with 5-2o sometime so he could outflop/outplay me. Oh well, I don't need anyone to tell me I suck, I know it all too well.

Saturday, November 19, 2005



I have not completed a flush, straight, or boat in 5 days.

The RNG just hasn’t seen fit to give me those 8 and 9-outers this week. And playing at the “no-fold” SNG and Ring Game tables… well, you can imagine the week I’ve had.

Ah well, when the variance bitch swings back my way, I hope to get it back and more.

Until then…

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dont blame me...

Don’t blame me…

…when I call your min-raise of my BB getting 11:1 with J-9o. Then, you min-bet a 9-high flop into a T360 chip pot?

With KK.

My J on the river sucked for you. Oh well. Don’t use bad language towards me because you misplayed it.

As for me, I misplayed it, too. I put you on AK and pushed all-in into a T390 pot. Bad move, but I got lucky.

Because you let me.


In the longest $1 SNG in history (90 mins??? A little competitive, eh???), I won. Much discipline, much patience, much aggression. That first hand was the only suckout I administered, although I suffered several.

Monday, November 14, 2005


RSS/ATOM Readers

I follow all of my favorite blogs on Bloglines, which has worked out pretty well for the poker blogs as well as some job searches. I use my bloglines roll as the blogroll on this page, so y’all see all of those non-poker feeds I get.

I’m just wondering if there are other readers similar to bloglines that people are using? If you’re reading this in one of those other readers, could you comment or e-mail me so I can check them out?



I was getting bored and stupid tonight, so I went back to a freeroll MTT to mix things up a bit. I must say, I am finding the chat quite amusing. We have a table captain running his mouth non-stop. I stay quiet, of course, but I have to say this someplace:

If you’re playing a freeroll at 2:00 a.m. Monday morning, I’m pretty sure you’re at least as bad a player as the rest of us.

Onward and upward…

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Linking to myself...

I'm just going through my site and reviewing past posts. Not sure why, really. Avoiding cleaning my office, I suppose.

ANyway, I really enjoyed this post. It was my first time at Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa. I played extremely well, but still lost almost 20 BBs in 4 hours playing $2 straight limit. I remember scratching my head as to how that could have happened, but then I ran the numbers on the rake/toke and how much money was leaving the table over the course of the session. It basically came out to having to win 8 BBs/hr on average to stay ahead of the rake over the long run. Interesting to run the math on this stuff, and certainly something to think about whenever you sit at a low-limit table.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Inch by Inch...

Inch by Inch…     

…get your dirty minds out of the gutter…

No, my personal SNG challenge on AP is moving along slowly, inexorably, along in a positive manner. For those that don’t remember, I won a whole $1 in a freeroll after coming in 18th out of 2000.

A lot of work for a damn $1. But, since I don’t play with my own money right now, I was fine with it.

But, what to do with it? I chose to enter Absolute’s .50 + .10 SNG and see if I could run it up. My goal is 10x the buy-in for the next level, then jumping up.

I’m playing the $1 + .15 SNGs ok right now, and seem about 1 great or 2 good tourney’s from the $2 + .20.

I’ve had to play an awful lot of damn poker to get this far. My hourly rate is a whopping $.73.

I’m running with the fast crowd now, baby.


Eldest Bigette: So, online poker is where you practice to play for real money against people in real life?

Me: Well, sort of… except a lot of people play for real money online.

EB: Well, maybe you should play for real money for your next job?

Me: Oh, I don’t think that would be a good idea…

EB: But, YOU could make LOTS of money doing that!

So, I guess I need to watch how much TV poker and online poker I’m exposing her to… not good…

I don’t think I want my daughter growing up thinking like some 18 yr old 2+2er living in his mother’s basement and finger-fucking Suzy Rottencrotch, thinking the $100 bucks he made last week at Party is reason enough to quit the busboy job at Denny’s.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Open letter to Ms. Williamson and Mr. Stillman

Open letter to Ms. Williamson and Mr. Stillman:

In my opinion, the vitriol expressed on so many message board threads and blogs regarding your play is unwarranted. After all, you made it so deep at the tournament and these flamers didn’t, so obviously you’re the better players. Mr. Stillman, that move with the deuces took huge – HUGE – balls! Wow! The fact that you could make a huge raise like that when you were a coin-flip AT BEST just shows that you have the true heart of a gambler. And pushing all-in against that flopped Ace? It’s just bad luck that you ran into that calling station. What could he have been thinking?

And, Ms. Williamson, you can take as long as you like to decide whether to call huge re-raises with KJ. I know that’s a tough laydown – after all only Aces would beat you, right? And, it’s your lucky hand! Huge laydown, and kudos to you for letting the clock run out on you like that.

I’d like to extend an open invitation to both of you join da home game sometime. We could really use the level of competition you bring to the game, and we’d love to learn a trick or two from you guys.



Open letter to Mike Matusow:

You are an angle-shooting son-of-a-bitch. Your move past the line with the chips where you were testing that player’s reaction, then pulling them back before dropping them, was pure bullshit. I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy that would keep incorrect change from a McDonald’s cashier. I can’t imagine anyone ever trusting you enough to gamble with you or loan you money.



Thinkin' 'bout...

Thinkin’ bout…

… a redesign. Maybe a little more than just some color scheme changes. I’ve never really liked this one. I’ve been googling for free linkware blog templates, but haven’t found anything as yet. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line and let me know where I can find some appropriate for soon-to-be 39 year old straight man. Most of what I’m finding looks to be made by, and for, 15 yr old girls.

Nubile teenage girls… yeah, I just threw that one in there for the Google perv searchers… Hey Perv, if you’re looking for pert young girls, just know I can and will trace your IP address and report you to the authorities.



Got a little bored with the SNGs tonight, so I waddled over to the .10/.25 Stud table and got my competitive juices flowing. On my second hand, I played two pair overly strong and busted two very short stacks. Then the bimbo to my right gets up and moves to my immediate left. I called her on it, then busted her with a boat a few minutes later. Then I said something about her being a poor sport by moving behind me, so I was taking everyone’s chips and leaving. I’d tripled up in ten minutes.

It was all of $6. Yeah, I roll with the big money crew…

Then I played some Limit Omaha freeroll and donked my chips right off when none of my draws hit. For some reason when I play AP, my draws all hit Mon-Thur, then nothing Fri-Sun. Yeah, I know, the RNG doesn’t know what day it is, but the pattern has such a strong effect on my psychology now that I think I may be subconsciously sabotaging myself by giving up an draws too easy, or not giving other people credit for hitting their draws Fri-Sun. In other words, I’m making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.


So, if all goes well tomorrow, I should have my minimum bankroll to move to….[drumroll, please]… $1 SNGs!!


Ah well, hopefully, I can continue to play a little micro-limit Stud when I get bored with these SNGs. I’m finding it a lot fun and very challenging. A ton more information to assimilate and utilize in decision-making. I think I tend to see too many monsters under the bed, but when those 5th street bets kick in at 2.5x the 3-4th street bets (rather than 2X), it makes it a tad more difficult to justify based on pot odds. Especially when those early streets are being played as passively as they are in these small-ante games. But, more likely, I’m not playing the game very well, yet.  

Friday, November 04, 2005

No Pokah Content Right Now...

No Pokah Content Right Now…

See #3 in yesterday’s post.

Other stuff:

My Pet Peeves in the Hiring Process

Interviewers that don’t call on time
When you schedule an interview with me, I have to arrange my schedule accordingly. My kids stay in after-care at school, costing me money when I can least afford it. My wife takes the dogs out of the house so barking won’t interrupt us. I am unable to take interviews from companies that may actually CARE about hiring me because I freed my morning to speak with YOU.

Companies that try to determine “fit” by first making sure my salary is in their target range.
No, no, no, no, no, that is NOT how to make a decision about a new hire. If you do that first, you are a bureaucrat, not an effective manager of resources. I’ve been on your side of the desk and had a salary budget to manage, so I understand your pressures. But, hiring someone to work for you is more than just a single-point decision, and salary expectations are the absolute worst way to evaluate a job candidate. Frankly, it’s the lazy-man’s approach.

This is the person you will count on to accomplish the company’s goals and YOUR goals. This is the person who will make you look good or bad, make you look like the greatest manager in the world or the sorriest evaluator of talent around. When trying to determine “fit”, stick to Competence & Character. Once you’ve got the right person there, only then move on to Compensation.

Chances are that you’re almost never so far apart that you can’t find a bridge somehow. If your company has any sort of rational salary structure that compares competitively in the regional market, and the resume indicates the appropriate level of experience required for the position, you’re going to be in the same ballpark.

As a hiring manager, if I can find someone that is a full order of magnitude better than the rest of the field, I’d gladly find a way to pay another 10%+ to hire them. Alternatively, I’ve found absolute gems of employees that I was able to get at a substantial discount to their market value because I didn’t force them to name their price up-front. Instead, I assumed from their background that salary might be problematic and approached the interview from the perspective of a “recruiter” rather then Moses on the mount. I sold them on the company, myself, and their future prospects. All of those things matter to employees (and take on even greater importance as you are hiring at higher-levels in your company), and will be factors in your favor if you’ve done a good job in the hiring process.

Companies that slow-roll the interview process
“Hey, I am really excited about this job! The company sounds great, and you sure seem to want me, too! Oh, you can’t get the people together for the interview any sooner than month? Ok, I can be flexible…”

[Ring, ring]

“Hello? Can I interview for [perfect job] tomorrow? Why, yes I can!”

Yeah, you’re taking a risk. Just be sure you understand that your lack of urgency does not mean I suspend my job search. If I need to interview with 5 people, and you can’t get all 5 people together at once for another 3 weeks, then is it truly necessary that all 5 interviews be face-to-face? Could 4 people do the face-to-face on Thursday, and the 5th interview by phone? Is the potential hire willing to make multiple trips over the next 8 days instead of a single trip 18 days from now?

The real world requires flexibility. You expect it from your employees, so how about demonstrating it once in a while?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

One Year Ago Today...

One Year Ago Today…

I started this blog. According to blogger, I’ve created 326 posts in that time.

I didn’t think I’d keep up with it past 5.

Some things I’ve learned about myself in that time:

  1. I am the King of the “Me Too” post/comment.

  2. I am capable of creating original content, just not about poker.

  3. Don’t EVER talk about how well I am running over time!

If I had the motivation, I’d create a “Best Of” list, but I fear it would be so short as to be embarrassing.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Poker Blogs

Tuesday, November 01, 2005



Just took my whopping $1 to the .50 SNG tables at AP. I was short-stacked with 4 left and just stole to get enough chips to bad beat each of the 3 left. They were SERIOUSLY pissed! I kept telling them they were right, but they ought to quit whining over .50. Three bust-outs on bad-beats… oh my, wonder if they have blogs?

I’m going to have to google for “That fucking luckbox”…