Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I’ve seen a couple of posts from other Catholic bloggers about lent, and I must admit I was struggling with what to do as well. Give up meat? I dunno. Give up Carbs? What am I supposed to eat on Fridays, then? Broccoli?

The hell you say.

No, I think maybe it’s time to Man-Up. Be the king of the castle. It’s time to take matters into my own hands, then release.

Yes, it’s time to become Master of my Domain.

Who’s with me?

C’mon, put on the big-boy pants (or big-girl panties) and break off that relationship with Rosie and her five little friends. Your mind will clear, and your vision will come back.

Now, now, I’m not talking about denying your SO their marital rights. I’m just talking about denying yourself YOUR inalienable right to shuffle your knuckles. That’s all. Shouldn’t be tough for the folks in committed relationships since they get some built-in stress relief. Unless you’re married of course, in which case you only get it once a year whether you need it or not.

Oh, doesn’t apply to you and the Mrs yet? It will.

Now, it’s the single folks that are going to have the biggest sacrifice to make. Y’all might actually have to break away from cliphunter.com and go out on a date and get to get your lovin’. But don’t worry, you’ll manage, you’ve got nun-chuck skillz.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mini-tilt, but smart play to leave.

I've been working on my limit ring game a little, trying to become a more "complete" player. In the past, I played pretty tight/weak in limit. I've worked on ramping up the aggression (note: not the range of hands I play, just the way I bet them/follow-through post-flop), and I'm noticing a really stupid tendency from some opponents. It's one I shake my head at, one that has occasionally bit me in the form of a bad beat, but one that allows me to win an extra bet or two each session.

It's the idiot that has a good read on me, calls me (out of position) with nothing but air, but doesn't do anything to take the pot away from me so I'm still holding enough to win the hand anyway when I check behind them on the river.

As the kids all seem to be saying, "WTF?"

Case in point: I have 77 in MP in a 2/4 limit ring game and open-raise. Yes, overly aggressive, but I was super-tight and wanted to test my image and see if I could steal a blind as I was planning to leave at my blind in a few hands and had already booked a decent profit.

Both the SB and BB defended, and the flop comes Qd 2c Kd. Crap, I'm dead to almost anything that would have called pre-flop, but maybe I can bluff like I have AK or AQ. It is checked to me and I bet out. The SB calls and the BB folds.

Turn comes 2d. Ok, any hand he could have called pre-flop and post-flop just hit, and he checks to me. I bet anyway, not because I thought my 77 was good but because I wanted to maintain the fiction of AK in case he has something like AQ or JJ or a draw to single diamond. SB calls, and I'm positive I'm dead.

River is a Ts, he checks to me and I check behind to avoid the wasted bet/check-raise. Gotta save bets, right?

Imagine my surprise when the pot ships my way?!?!

He was calling me down with Ac4c - no pair, no draw, out of position.

I could see the logic if he was looking to pop me if I showed any weakness, especially if he had position on me. But, I bet the turn and he just calls me, then doesn't bet out at the river? For what purpose? And, this wasn't the first time I've seen this happen - heck, not even the first time today!

Have you ever tilted even though you've won? It's a good thing I was planning to leave anyway, because I lost it. I finally typed in the thing that I've been thinking all along, doing something I never do - denigrating a dumbass at the table.

I typed, "Yep, you were right, I didn't have a K or Q."

I'm thinking now that he was probably so stupid that he thought I was complimenting his ability to "read" an opponent online.

Ah well, glad he's out there!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dear Poker Gods,

Thank you for answering my prayers.

When I tried to make that move with pocket sevens and got called by pocket eights, you came through with MY two-outer on the flop. And when I tried to steal some blinds on the bubble with 99, and got called by QTo (?), I thought you had abandoned me when that ten came on the turn. But, the river 9 let me know you were only having fun with our emotions – well played, sir, well played. But when that short-stack had to push for 205 more on the bubble when I had 600 in the big blind already and I was forced to call with 23s and then you flopped a set of threes for me, well, I knew you were trying to make up for the last 5 days.

Thank you for the enjoyable session. My success was certainly not due to anything I did, and resulted entirely from your intervention. I hope you and the little god-ettes stay well.