Monday, April 30, 2007

Sen. Jon Kyl has change of heart; now shills for online casinos

The PPA pointed me to Sen. Jon Kyl's article in the National Ledger so-not-cleverly-titled, "Online Gambling: Will New Law Be Repealed - Don't Bet On It".

I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to find that Sen. Kyl now supports online gambling.

What? You don't believe me?

Here's your proof ---------->

That's right, people, there are contextual links to online gambling websites in Sen. Kyl's article!

Oh, don't pay attention to what he wrote! It's all wink-wink, "Don't gamble, click these links, don't gamble". Every good blogger knows the art of link-baiting, and knows that the best way to get people to click those ads is to stir up controversy.

I do believe the good Sen. Kyl is a master-baiter.

I don't know if they rotate among advertisers, but right now Golden Casino has the first link to online gambling. Figures the guys that paid $13k for a grilled-cheese sandwich could figure out a way to corrupt the good senator. has the second link to 'Internet Gambling', has the third link to 'online poker', and something called rounds out the shilling with 'poker players'.

I'd link to them myself, but if they're paying National Ledger (any chance Sen. Kyl was compensated for this article? Hmmm?) they can pay me too. So there.

Oh, last but not least, the obligatory Google Adsense links:

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Sunday, April 29, 2007



Yeah, while I was pruning, I was also editing, cleaning up typos and formatting crap from 2 years ago (why did I bother?), and when I hit "Publish", it looks like the posts may have been pushed into the RSS readers. Sorry about that. Especially if there were posts that made no freaking sense at all! ;-)

The value of reading your old posts for some selective pruning

Or, in this case, getting a good laugh from a comment left:

SirFWALGMan said...

heh. You go man! I agree some comments were out of line. I am so mellow I do not get mad at anything... (Emphasis Mine)

No, I'm not linking to the original post since it was made during a dark time for poker bloggers, before peace and love broke out all over the place.

But, that little nugget earned a permanent place in the archives.

Har, Har, Har!

Wrote about this over at my Florida-centric blog that I play around with from time to time. For all the Idol fans:

Jessica Sierra Arrested

The biggest reason not to talk trash at the table

Just a piddly nickel-dine NLHE 6-max game on FTP, there's a couple guys with $10+ in front of them, so I buy in for the max, $10. I'm chipping up here and there, manage to felt 3 short stacks, 2 of whom are quickly replaced. One sticks around, sitting out, taking up a seat like a douchebag.

I make a horrible read on the other big stack who has me covered, and lay a wicked beat on him. On a 5/10 NL 6-max table, I've run $10 to $36 in 15 minutes. To his credit, he never said a word.

The douchebag sitter-outer does.
HeMakesMeHappy: hahahah u suckout bytch
I let it go, the button moves around a bit before I respond...
BigSlickNut: you still here?
BigSlickNut: kinda pathetic
More action...
HeMakesMeHappy: bigslick fag-got"
HeMakesMeHappy: that rolled talkig to u u fooknig homo
I have no earthly idea what he was trying to say...
HeMakesMeHappy: way to suckout fag-got
And finally, here is why you don't talk trash at the table, especially with someone playing as shitty as I was:
BigSlickNut: so long happy, I'm gonna enjoy your money most of all
And I left with a stack that was more than twice the combined stacks of all other players at the table. Bet that guy I laid that wicked beat on wasn't too pleased with ole Happy.

Oh, by the way, tag HeMakesMeHappy. He played horribly. If you care to play nickel-dine poker. Meanwhile, Happy and the other dwarves just paid for me to play in this:

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The best time to rant

Here it is, almost 11 pm on Saturday night, so nobody will read this before I post again and get it off the top of the blog...

[start rant]

If someone explains to you how you can make $XYZ with a blog and you say 'cool, I'd like to get in on that', you should understand that it doesn't happen unless you like to WRITE!! None of the people I know that are making money from their blogs started their blogs to make money - they just wanted to write about shit, and yeah, maybe get a few people to read it and appreciate it, even if it was just crap about their latest bad-beat or their newborn or bad-beating their newborn... wait a minute, that didn't come out right...

Anyway, y'all know what I mean. Plus, you kinda have to do it for a LONG time before you can even think about making money (unless you're a complete whore like me who has written 30+ paid posts on my diet blog, in which case you can start in only 90 days, but even THAT is too much work, apparently...). Oh yeah, you also have to like to READ other bloggers and have the basic social skills to go along with your WRITING to get a link back to your blog so you get ranked high enough in the search engines for anyone to give a crap about paying you for what started as a labor of love.

It's just like the real world. Nobody's gonna GIVE you anything. You have to WORK for it.


Can I get an AMEN from the congregation?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

...And I bet they don't even understand how I've already won!

I'm thinking about going to a conference in Orlando in a few weeks. A company that sells gaming product packages is planning to sponsor a casino night with some product packages to be given away as prizes. They put a poll up to ask which packages the attendees would most like to see given away. Here's the results after a couple days of voting:

BlackJack, Roulette, Poker
38% [ 7 ]
BlackJack, Roulette, Texas Holdem
38% [ 7 ]
Black Jack, Roulette, Craps
11% [ 2 ]
Texas Holdem, Craps, Roulette
0% [ 0 ]
Texas Holdem, Craps, BlackJack
11% [ 2 ]

It's a sign. Guess I'll need to go pick up my swag. I've already won it, after all... ;-)

How to Piss-Off the Blogosphere

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Apology":

Seems to me that Criteo has resorted to spam again. They spammed me this morning - I can't believe startups like this who wish to be taken seriously resort to spamming to build their brand and product awareness. They must have calculated any negative press will be offset by the awareness they get. I hope they miscalculated - the market should weed out this kind of slimmy tactic.

Their email to me started with: "I noticed your blog on Technorati and wanted to tell you..." but I don't have a blog on Technorati! You suck Jean-Baptiste.

I'm really sorry to hear that. I thought they were being honest when they responded to my angry e-mail, but I guess not.

Again, my apologies.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Way to Make Money Online

Not sure if any of you have run across, the sponsor of this post, but they are another broker of Text Link Advertising for bloggers. The concept is similar to other services, with a big difference being the amount of control you have over your rates. Rather than the broker setting a rate for your blog that might be too low or too high, Linkworth suggests a rate that's appropriate for advertisers looking for links as part of their Search Engine Marketing efforts. But, you can choose to go with a rate lower or higher than their suggestion. You may be doing it at your own peril, but it's your blog, your business, your choice.

They also offer a couple of choices with regard to commission rates - 70/30 is standard, but you can become a preferred partner by going with 50/50. This means that when orders come in, Linkworth staff tries to steer them to the blogs where they'll get the higher commission. Again, your blog, your business, your choice.

Check it out.

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Fifteen minutes til Mookie-time...

We need 22 more to break the 80 ceiling. C'mon, y'all!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pigs are flying, and BSN writes about poker

I felt well enough to play a SNG last night, and luckboxed my way to a win. I certainly didn't play well.

I got in trouble early by talking myself into making a terrible river call for 2/3 of my chips with 2nd pair. I was completely convinced my opponent had missed his draw and overbet the river to steal the pot. In fact, he made two pair on the river and overbet because he must have known I'm a tight-weak calling station.

I had nothing playable for several orbits and was in danger of being broomcorned with an M below 2 in the SB. Picked up JJ, quadrupled up to get a playable stack and survive. Later, I caught lucky with a series of 3-outers. I wasn't feeling too bad, though, as FT must have turned the bad-beat switch on last night - I was getting hammered by the 3-outers just as badly.

It was a sick game altogether, and gave me no satisfaction beyond the $49 win.

Book Review

I recently finished Dead Money by Rudy Stegemoeller, and I have to say, it’s a fun read!

This is a murder mystery set against the backdrop of a major poker tournament. The hero is a well-respected amateur player, and we’re treated not only to the mystery surrounding the murder of a high-profile professional player, but also to segments about the tournament and hands played. There's a wide range of characters and some great comedic breaks from several of them to keep this from being too dark of a story. The poker action is believable and compelling, with an awesomely-imagined play at the final table that will leave you shaking your head and saying to yourself, “I’d have seen that coming”.

Yeah, sure you would.

Rudy Stegemoeller is a poker player who, according to his Amazon Blog, came up with the idea for this book while playing in a tournament at the Borgata. I love characters that evolve through a series of books, and he is currently working on a sequel, so I’m looking forward to reading the next installment.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Poker Cheat

Here's a great clip from a show in the UK (I think) that shows scams. In this clip, the Hendon Mob gets set up and cold-decked in a game under the pretense they were filming a documentary about poker. Which, in a way, they were. Really, REALLY interesting:

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Another game to play for money fun

Top poker players like Gus Hansen and Dan Harrington are also multi-game champions. For instance, both Gus and Dan were both Backgammon champions prior to the success they currently enjoy with poker.

Backgammon is a game that combines both skill and luck, and the game can be played for money. The game also utilizes some of the same skills you might use in poker. In fact, online backgammon sites do exist to provide this type of action., the sponsors of this post, provide this game for the online world.

If you’re like me, however, you’re next to ignorant about the rules of backgammon, much less what constitutes winning strategy. The environment at will be very familiar to you, in that you can play free rounds of backgammon while learning the game. You can also go to to learn more about the backgammon game and online backgammon rules.

As we all know from our poker experience, the biggest ponds are the best fishing holes. To this end, Backgammonmasters is engaged in a major branding and pr campaign to drive players to the site. They have developed an animation series featuring Jean Claude, the mascot at Backgammonmasters, in a 5-part series that is really silly, but engaging. The company has put out a press release to promote Jean Claude's series, which will feature Jean Claude delivering funny lessons about life and Backgammon. As we all know, game sites that develop and maintain a high profile drive new player growth, and provide for money-winning opportunities.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

So, I'm alive...

Thanks for all the good thoughts. It means a lot.I wrote up a short bit about it here: Run FatAss Run: So, I'm alive...

Short story: It turned out to be harder than expected.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

My site was nominated for Best Health Blog!

Just wanted to thank April and Prez for their votes for my diet blog. I could sure use the votes to get out of the "embarrassing" level and get up to just "merely pathetic", so click above and vote, dammit.

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Gallbladder Update

My doc called this morning to confirm that the HIDA scan said my gallbladder was not functioning and surgery was necessary. Going for a surgical consult later this week.

Sucks on a lot of levels, not the least of which is that I’m in a new job – I’m ok on insurance, but not ok on personal time-off hours and I don’t qualify for short-term disability until the end of May. So, let's just hope the surgeon is able to find my gallbladder amongst my blubber laproscopically so he doesn't have to open me up. The difference in recovery time is less than 1 week compared to 4-6. That's going to be a long time to go without a paycheck. I've been an absolute paid-post whore over at my diet blog, trying to grab as much as I can just in case.

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A Big Slick Geigh Update

Because I posted last week about Tim O’Reilly’s geigh Code of Conduct, I thought I’d follow up with a link to Andy Beard’s discussion about the Don’t Be an Idiot movement.

Much more to my taste, and I daresay most bloggers I’ve read.

Heard at work today:

“He’d been in the penitentiary, and I divorced him when he got locked back up.”

God's day off

Just got home from a meeting at church for all the parents of First Communion candidates. We were there to be hectored about bringing our children to church every Sunday after they make their First Communion, rather than take the next 6 yrs off until it's time for Confirmation. During the lecture, the pastor asked rhetorically, "You may want a day off, but what would happen if God took a day off?"

"Thirty-three kids would get killed," I whispered, under my breath.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Call to Action!

Wil is *crushing* Rosie over at the BCA website:

Get on over there and pile-on!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tribute Songs

So, I went on an orgy over at project playlist, and I have to admit, I was thinking of a couple people as I made some selections. Without further ado...

Pauly: A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying
(Best. Title. Ever.)

Waffles: Piss Me Off, You Fucking Jerk

Al: Fuck You, I'm Drunk

Iggy: Irish Drinking Song - Flogging Molly

April: Asshole From El Paso - Kinky Friedman

Plus, I have an almost-impossible-contest for you: Anyone who can name the 3 songs that take me back to quarter-beer nights at CJ's in Gainesville, FL in the mid-80's, the 3 songs that got the entire bar singing together, gets $10 on Full Tilt.

A moment of parental pride

The eldest big-ette just said she wouldn't play Candyland with her mother and sister because there was no strategy, it was just a game of luck and chance.

That's my girl. ;-)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ok, so this is what happened...

Somehow, while mainlining dilantin (sp?) and popping vicodin, I got a bit cocky and nominated my diet and exercise blog for the Blogger's Choice Awards. So I don't get completely embarassed in this thing, could y'all pop over there real quick and gimme a vote? (It's not for this blog)

'twould be most appreciated...

My site was nominated for Best Health Blog!


Oh yeah, I put something waaaaay down in the footer on this blog. Basically, I borrowed ripped off BuccaneerMike's playlist, took out the puss-songs, then added a couple I like. Most are NSFW.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

About the Mookie...

I got cocky.

I am now suitably humbled. Speaker dissected me. Left nothing but the liver.

Chopped, of course.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What happened to me?

The pain was indescribable.

It happened once before, back in January. Then, it drove me to the hospital where a bag of saline and the blissful ignorance of the medical community had me discharged 6 hours later.

This time, I didn't even get to finish the bag of saline. But, the drugs... oh, the drugs...

I woke up Sunday morning feeling nauseous. Dinner the previous evening was barbecue beef sandwiches - a fatty, spicy treat.. ;-) ... I was sure it was just a reaction to too much of a good bad thing.

Then, the pain came on. Memories of the previous incident welled up, and I rushed to the bathroom for what I knew was coming.

When the first round finished, the previous night's dinner lay floating in the bowl, mocking me as I dry heaved. The pain in my gut forced all self-recrimination away as I lay crippled on the bathroom floor. Like a knife being twisted in my abdomen, without the relief of being withdrawn to plunge into another part of my body. Over and over and over.

Being the foolish man that I am, I tried to 'man-up' and see if I could hold out until it passed. I lasted 3 hours before I was begging to be taken to the emergency room.

After arriving, I stumbled to the admitting desk where I was ignored by the paid staff while the volunteer staff (a well-meaning lady of about 80 yrs of age) tried to determine if I was having chest pains. By this time all I could do was shake my head; the only sounds coming from my mouth were moans and screams as the knife in my gut twisted harder and faster.

The bureaucracy of a hospital emergency room is a wonder to behold. I was handed a clipboard, which I immediately threw aside. Mrs. Big mercifully arrived from parking the car to take over this inane task. The triage nurse began assessing me, and when she could not get a temperature reading, forced me to hold the thermometer under my tongue while saying "they don't accept 'no-temps' ".

I vomited. Apparently, they do accept 'no-temps'. You just have to know which buttons to push.

Once in a bed, I lay writhing while the nurse told me, "man, if it were up to me, I'd give you the meds, but the doc has to see you first." The doctor was mercifully quick arriving and authorized something they said was ten times stronger than morphine. The pain dulled, but did not go away.

I've been told I was taken for a bunch of tests, but I don't remember anything except collapsing during an x-ray. Why I was standing for an x-ray, I don't know. Then, I was being woken up and told it was time to leave; they couldn't diagnose the problem, so they were kicking me out. That's medicine in today's world, folks. As the nurse wheeled me to the curb, I lurched to a trashcan and vomited one more time, for good measure.

I hadn't even finished my bag of saline.

So, here I am 48 hours and a handful of vicodin later. I've discovered why they call that shit 'dope'. Mrs. Big was leading me around by the hand while we followed up with my primary doc, where I spent the majority of the time drooling. While its tempting to just keep popping those suckers, I prefer a couple Tylenol and the ability to form simple sentences.

Later this week, I go for more tests. They suspect the gall bladder, but the initial round of tests came up negative. I have to have an answer, because the spectre of the pain is just too intense to live with. I haven't eaten since Saturday because I'm afraid of it coming back. Little sips of gatorade and some chicken broth are sufficing right now. I'm going to try to go back to work this morning. It's a new job and I can't afford to get a reputation as the guy who is always sick.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gift for the degenerate gambler

Visited the home-folks this weekend and dropped by my Mother's gift shop. I saw the ceramic bank pictured below and knew I had to blog it:

It was $27.50, and you can call her at the number on her website if you want to buy it.

Why the Poker Blogging Community > All Other Blogging Communities

1. Most generous community for linking to new bloggers.
2. Our own shorthand lingo. Hammer, Donkey, Waffles...
3. We can call each other retards without getting offended.
4. We have bloggers who've turned blogging about poker into well-paying gigs.
5. We get together a couple times each week to play poker.
6. We have the Blogfather.
7. The greatest tribute video ever.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Responding to reader comments

To my post celebrating the most dominant athletics program in the country:
Wolverine Fan said...

Say good-bye to your coach.
Yes, Larry Shyatt, Donovan's defensive mastermind, who has been a head coach before (most recently at Clemson) is back on the coaching radar.
What? Not the coach you were thinking of?

To my post showcasing the poker wisdom of Bucklox:
TripJax said...

I've watched a couple of his videos. He has to be joking right??

It's genius if he is...

Yes, I thought the first Bucklox video I was posted was fer-real. But I think this one makes it clear that this is a great joke. Not the over-the-top hilarity of Bill Filmaff, but a more subtle humor that pokes fun at the geniuses.

To my Open Post about Counter-Intuitive Poker Strategy:
WindBreak247 said...

Hilarious post. Sadly, 100% correct as well.

If I may...

1.When all three cards on the flop are not face cards, your AK is most certainly the nuts. Make sure to get it all-in right here.

2. TPTK/2 pair is always good. Sets? What are sets??

3. Don't raise those aces. If you win, you're a genius. If you lose, you can tell everyone about it.
Man, Aces are shitty. What do you think, after all, it's only a pair. NEVER raise with aces!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Again, Again!!!

One idea for how poker sites can improve the customer experience

Disclaimer - there's no value-add in this idea. Just a fun thing for a segment of the player population.

Here it is: Theme songs.

Let each player upload a 30-sec (20-sec? 10-sec?) clip of the song of their choice, to be played when they enter a table. Plus, perhaps the winner of a pot would get to shoot his song out to the rest of the table. Wouldn't work for SNG and tournament tables, but it might make cash games a little more fun.

My choice when entering a table: The "Big Time" Mashup over at BuccaneerMike's projectplaylist.

My choice when winning a pot: "Next Contestant", spcifically, the part that goes, "I'll make you leave here limping."


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Open Post

If you've read my Counter-Intuitive Poker Strategy post at Pokahblog and have a few others you'd like to leave, the comments are open.

More of the Poker Wisdom of Bucklox