Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interesting take on Bodog

by BSN

Bill Rini posted the X-files version of the implications of Bodog's domain issues. While it smacks of good old-fashioned conspiracy theory, I have to admit - he could be on to something.

It's important to note Bill isn't saying the US government is behind the tactics used in the Bodog case, but he makes an interesting case for how the government could use this case as a blueprint to wipe gambling domains off the internet.

However, I have to believe they'd start with, and get more 'bang' for the buck politically, by trying this tactic on the porn sites. It's more than just the (far) right wing that would not have a problem with eliminating porn from the internet, free speech issues notwithstanding.

Of course, I'm probably wrong. Bill's been right more often than not (WAY more often) when it comes to UIGEA issues and implications, so this could be yet another precursor to attacks on our game.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

by BSN

Continue to play some - three times in the past week!

Better look out, I might get addicted - click my mouse, lose my house, ya' know... ;-)

Played some low-dollar NLHE for a double-up the other night, then won a $1 SNG this evening while testing some high-gain antennas for my router, wandering around the yard playing ATC. Eh, fuck it, ya' know? Pissed a couple people off mightily.

Screw 'em, it's a buck.

Is the Mookie on the agenda this evening? I don't know, I have a ton of work hanging over my head. We'll see how bored I get, I could use a night to blow off a little more cash to some bloggers.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogger and reader invitation-only tournament at Bodog

by BSN

I don't know how many have heard yet, but Bodog is having an invitation-only online poker tournament for poker bloggers and out readers. Some of you bloggers already know thanks to an e-mail, some of you readers may not know but might want to take this opportunity to get in on the easy money.

Everyone knows us poker bloggers suck. We play 7-2 offsuit like Aces, what's that all about? You'll crush us, CRUSH US, I say...

Bodog is adding a total of T$125 in bonus money to the tournament. If you are one of the last 5 players to be eliminated prior to being paid out by the standard payout structure, you will get your buy-in returned by way of a T$10 bonus. If you finish 2nd in the tournament you will receive a T$25 bonus. And if you finish first, Bodog will give you a T$50 bonus.

The tournament will run weekly on Tuesday evenings and will require a password. Bodog has committed to run this tournament every Tuesday through October 2nd. If participation warrant’s it, they’ll be able to keep it running and possibly increase the prizes and/or turn this into a poker league with an ongoing leader board.

Details of tournament:

* Start date: Tuesday August 28, 2007
* Tournament Name: “Online Poker Blogger Tournament” at Bodog
* Entry Password: bodogblogger
* Buy-in + fee: $10 + $1
* Payout: Standard Bodog payout structure
* Bonuses:
o T$50 bonus paid to 1st place finisher.
o T$25 bonus paid to 2nd place finisher.
o T$10 bonus paid to the 5 players that are eliminated prior to payouts.
+ These bonuses will be awarded within 24hrs of the tournament completion.
+ T$ = Tournament Credits. These can be used as a buy in to almost all scheduled tournaments at Bodog and have a ratio to cash of 1:1.
+ T$ can also be combined with cash to buy in to tournaments.
* Day of week: Tuesdays
* Start time: 8:35pm ET

So, anyone wanna swap some Bodog dollars for FTP dollars so I can get in on this? Or, direct me to an easy way to make a deposit?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey, guess what? I played poker last night!

by BSN

Yes, I played last night for one of my one-of-three nights a month I to get to play. Too much work could very well cause me to lose my poker-blogger cred.

What? It's already gone?


Anyway, I actually played 1/2 LIMIT! Can you believe it? Me, the SNG specialist!

I forgots how fishy them waters can be. Gotta love asshats with one speed.

I'll have more up later today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'd like to welcome a new sponsor over there in the right sidebar, The Beach Bum. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

British dwarf gets penis stuck in hoover

by BSN

Anyone have a confirmed Iggy-sighting this past weekend?

Dwarf's penis stuck in vacuum cleaner
The main part of his act saw him appear on stage with a vacuum cleaner attached to his member through a special attachment.

The attachment broke before the performance and Blackner tried to fix it using extra-strong glue, but unfortunately only let it dry for 20 seconds instead of the 20 minutes required.

I've heard of dwarf-tossing, but dwarf-salad-tossing?

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Next Mrs. CantHang

by BSN

For Al: Look closely... closer... closer than that... what is that bikini made of?....

Mmmm... bacon....

Credit: d-day on Flickr

Friday, August 17, 2007

Nice girl, nice bike...

by BSN

This video was just too funny. It's biker chicks doing a weiner-eating contest. See which one can swallow the longest weiner.

It's safe-for-work, unless your boss is a douchebag. But, I'm posting it on the weekend just in case:

by BSN

Great commercial - strip poker with a surpise ending!

Um, no, not THAT kind of ending...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Florida gaming revenues moving up

by BSN

A mere drop in the bucket compared to true gaming destinations, but there will be a bit of an increase when the July numbers come out, due to a new law increasing betting limits and allowing no-limit games:
State's gaming revenue gains in June
Tampa Bay Business Journal - 2:44 PM EDT Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pari-mutual revenue rose more than $6 million in Florida during June.

Derby Lane in St. Petersburg was third in total handle among the state's greyhound tracks with $7.4 million, compared with $7.2 million for the same period last year.

Calder Race Course in Miami was the only thoroughbred track open during the month and posted total handle of $66 million. Two jai alai frontons produced $6.7 million in handle.

Derby Lane was second in card room receipts with $650,538, up from $619,647 last year. Palm Beach Kennel Club led all facilities with $686,428.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, Derby Lane reported $49.3 million in total handle and $7.5 million in card room receipts, both second in the state among greyhound tracks.

Florida's pari-mutual facilities reported $1.5 billion in total handle and $54.2 million in card room revenue for the fiscal year.

Card room receipts should jump for the next report, which covers July, due to increased game limits authorized by the Legislature that took effect July 1.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mrs. Big's Blog

by BSN

Giving a little link-love to Mrs. Big, who has been shooting the lights out at the past few weeks breaking all kinds of product recall news. It looked like scooped the blogosphere early this morning with this one:

Chinese manufacturing executive commits suicide over Dora the Explorer

If you're a Digger, please do her a favor and digg one out for her.

By the way, I know she has the inside scoop on some additional toy recalls coming down the pike, probably later this week. She refuses to blog about it yet because of that, whadyacallit, ethics thing.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poker Room review

by BSN

I'm a little late linking this up, but in my defense, I accidentally clicked "Mark All Read" in my feed reader a few weeks ago and missed it.

Ok, maybe that isn't a defense.

Adam has written a well-thought-out review of The Poker Room in Jacksonville, FL. Actually, to nitpick, it's in unincorporated St. Johns county. But yeah, you wouldn't have the first clue were that is, would you? So, it's in Jacksonville.

Check it out.

Friday, August 10, 2007


by BSN

Rumors, originating from that paragon of truth and virtue, Adam "I'm-less-talented-than-Jimmy-Kimmel-and-that's-saying-a-lot" Carolla's radio show say that Jessica Alba got Herpes from Derek Jeter. Larry Brown at AOL Sports points out at he's also done the "dirty" deed with Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel.

What do I have to say about it?

I'd risk a non-lethal STD to be with any of them.

Yeah, like you wouldn't...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Enjoyed my night off

by BSN

Yeah, that was what I was saying when I overplayed 7-7 into A-A in the mookie last night.

Shame, I felt like I was playing well, despite being crippled on a 3-street bluff. I rebuilt from 215 with blinds at 60/120 to back over 5K.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Prior to the mookie, I played an FTOPS super sat, finishing 4th when I lost to a 3-outer in a 3-way pot. Again, I was playing well, but it wasn't meant to be. At least I moneyed, but that wasn't the point, was it?

Oh well, it was good to just veg out and enjoy a game rather than work, work, work.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dirty spamming scoundrels

by BSN

The spammers are still out in force. Hopefully, most of you don't see this because I follow up fairly quick and delete the comments. It's silly, really, because they're completely ignorant to the fact that Blogspot domains have a default "nofollow" tag in all comments, so any links there have zero SEO benefit. The best they can hope for is a little traffic, but you all are way t0o smart to click through the links of a spammer, so it's a complete a waste of time to be spamming this poker blog.

Anyway, here's a note I wrote to the offending site:
Someone associated with your website has just left 4 spam comments on my blog in the space of 90 minutes. At first, I thought it was one of your affiliates, but there are no affiliate codes in these links. Therefore, the only explanation is that believes spamming the comments of a VERY ACTIVE and reasonably well-read poker and gambling blog is an ethical business practice.

I disagree.

I sell advertising to companies like I aggressively protect the value these advertisers pay for and take steps to eliminate all spam from my blog. If you'd like to discuss a paid-advertising relationship, I would be happy to send you a proposal. However, if your representatives continue to engage in unethical spamming, I will aggressively defend the value of this blog.



A blogger's work is never done.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cracking nuts

by BSN

The Hilary Nutcracker is all the rage these days, but admittedly, it's a bit "old news" on the web. However, I had a hearty laugh when I saw the photo Bodog Entertainment used in their report...

What be happenin'?

by BSN

I've been pretty consumed with side projects lately, putting in 20 hr days for several weeks now between the day job and my side business, and haven't been playing much poker. Taking my body and mind right to the point of burn-out and tiptoe-ing along that line. Just like playing a rush at the card table, when you're feeling it in business you need to play fast and hard to make the most of it, you know?

But right now, my SOUL needs some time to relax on the virtual felt, so I think I'll be hitting the Mookie tomorrow night. I suppose I should pop over and make sure it's going on, eh?

Also, posting is going to be a little sporadic while I go to war with a couple content thieves. Another reason I need to blow off a little steam. I'm also battling GoDaddy over the complete deletion of one of my primary domains for the second time in 2 weeks. They want $150 to restore the site, but can't prove to me that I caused the site to vanish. @#$%^!!! If anyone has advice regarding the proper buttons to push with those @#$$%%%!!!S, I'd appreciate the 411.

Yes, I'll be showing up for the Mookie already steaming. I am the Mike Matusow of poker bloggers.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

To the douchebag that just spammed 4 of my posts

by BSN

I delete spam. You wasted your time. I'll stay up all night deleting spam if I have to, you douchebag.

Besides, if you had half a brain you'd know that links in Blogspot comments default to "nofollow".


Seriously now, we need this UIGEA thing wrapped up soon

by BSN

I've been farting around about an hour a week with trying to decide how to use Facebook. I friggin hate myspace and use it mostly to keep in contact with my brothers. I have a linkedin profile for business, and some of you have allowed me to be a connection. I've been oscillating between using FB as a way to pimp my various and sundry online projects, or making it a less formal, but no less serious, form of linkedin profile.


Because EVERYBODY says I HAVE to have a Facebook profile, and I'm a good little lemming.

Anyway, I'm just now discovering apps for FB, and found a blogger with a FB apps rating site. In his sidebar is a "Top Ten" list of rated apps.

Number 8 on the list: Texas Hold 'em Poker.

I love gateway drugs games.

"But I was killing the games on Facebook!"

Yes, the pond is being stocked. Just hope I can get a fishing license soon.



by BSN

Dear BigSlickNut,

In appreciation of your continued play at Full Tilt Poker, we are pleased to offer you a special deposit bonus...

Just in time for those Neteller distributions. Co-inky-dink? I think not.