Sunday, November 23, 2008

by BSN

Living in Huntsville, AL - excuse me, HuntsVEGAS, AL - means living in a community with close ties to the space program. It was here at Redstone Arsenal that Werner von Braun and the German rocket scientists eventually settled and developed the rockets that carried man into space and to the moon.

Every morning, I drive past the U.S Space & Rocket Center, home of Space Camp. My daughters love visiting the Space Center, and we make frequent use of our annual pass. Both want to attend Space Camp, but only the oldest is old enough this year. However, the cost is prohibitive: $1,000 for the week-long program during the summer.

I made her a deal, though: if she applied for every scholarship and worked to earn as much of the money as she can, I'd find a way to fill in any cost gaps. One idea she had was that she wanted to start a website and try to get donations. She's had a blog for several years that she posts to intermittently and she taught herself html and rudimentary graphics, so I bought a domain name and set up a wordpress template and she's off and running: Send me to Space Camp.

She updates every so often with space-related topics that she finds interesting. There are links to accept donations through Paypal, or through a "Top Spots" widget that allows webmasters to buy a google-friendly nofollow link. She crossed the $100 line a short while ago, and has several more months to get the momentum going to carry her to Space Camp. I am hoping to see more frequent posts from her, and I think she has several lined up and ready to go.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jesus, has it been four years?

by BSN
So, I thought I'd enter the world of blogging and see how it goes. Past attempts have failed.
Doing a little clean-up work today, removing an ad of yet another advertiser that doesn't want to waste any more cash advertising on penalized blogs and realized today is the 4-year anniversary of this blog. What can I say on such a momentous occasion?

Fuck google.

On to more pleasant subjects...

What have I seen and done in 4 years as a poker blogger?

Seen a lot and done very little. Seriously, I'm the worst poker blogger on the planet. I've never been to single gathering in Vegas, nor a Bash. I'm an intermittent Mookie participant at best, and don't bother with most other bloggerments. I used to post a bunch; now I post a little. I used to play well enough that I paid the bills for a while when I was out of work; now I cash-out my full-tilt ad money each month rather than play with it.


I used to spend hours reading other bloggers and crafting my posts. Now, on my 4th anniversary, all I can think about is wrapping this up in time to catch Florida vs. Georgia.

Go Gators!