Saturday, October 03, 2009

So funny...

by BSN

I thought I'd try out some of the smaller poker sites so I did a quick search for some free money and found something about Pitbull Poker giving away $5 free for signing up. So I did, got my $5, went to the tables and there were something like 30 people playing. So, it's no surprise I'm hearing they may be in trouble (a rumor about servers being spirited out of Costa Rican offices, or something?). Anyway, if you know what's going on there, drop me a note in comments. The website is up, but I didn't try to go into the lobby yet.

I've been too busy to play since that night. Slammed at work, taking on bigger responsibilities and I won't be able to transition my current full-time responsibilities for another 2 months. I hafta make time soon, though. I got an itch, and it needs scratching. :-)