Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yet another WPBT I fail to make

by BSN

Enjoying following the good times being had by all, on twitter. My favorite update so far?
taopauly: Tao of Pot team breakfast. The Hash House does NOT have the kinda hash I was looking for. #badbeat #wpbt

I'm still alive, occasionally showing up at the tables when I have the time to focus. Which hasn't been at all for the last two months. Work is going great in terms of "they-really-like-me-and-I'm-doing-a-tremendous-job"; but when you do good work, you wind up with the toughest, mostest work. Two months of 13 hr workdays doesn't leave me in the right frame of mind to play poker, so I haven't.

Some of you degenerates could learn from that. ;-)

So, glad to hear a good time is being had by most, #hashhousefail notwithstanding. My idea of a good time right now is finding the time to whip out a blog post, chop some firewood, and tease my daughters about boys. Life is good.