Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sad day

by BSN

My latest email to Full Tilt:

I currently have a total of $425 in three separate withdrawals for which I have not received payment:

{Transaction #1}: Payment approved 1/31. Received email from cashier on 2/16 informing me of issues at payment processor and letting me know a wire was initiated and expected to be completed by 2/22. (NOTE: This was originally a $XXX withdrawal initiated in Dec 2010 that was reversed multiple times with additional monies added to my account for my trouble).

{Transaction #2}: Payment approved 2/17. Received email from cashier on 2/23 informing me of issues at payment processor and letting me know a wire was initiated and expected to be completed by 3/7.

{Transaction #3}: Payment approved 3/2.

I have been more than patient while waiting for these payments, waiting 4 weeks beyond the promise date of 2/22 for the first payment, and 2 weeks beyond the promise date of 3/7 for the second payment before contacting Full Tilt yet again. Please do not tell me to check my bank account to make sure I have not missed it - I check daily, it has not been missed.

I understand from my research that this problem is widespread due to issues with Full Tilt's payment processors. I also understand that some players have no problems at all with withdrawals. It is sad that players now bear the liability for decisions made by Full Tilt management. A proper response would be for Full Tilt to make good on these outstanding withdrawals immediately while your investigations and recovery are underway.


UserID: BigSlickNut

Seriously, if anyone has suggestions for how to break through the bland, fake, apologetic emails from support, I'd appreciate it. The outstanding withdrawals have reached a cumulative amount I'm no longer comfortable letting these withdrawals hang in limbo, and it is impacting finances around the NUT household - no, I don't count on this money to pay bills, but I do count on it to pay for extras like my daughters' birthday parties coming up next week and a laptop to replace my wife's Dell Desktop purchased in 2004 (No, this isn't a passive-aggressive plea for a loan, not going there!).

Given the lack of regulation I don't see any alternative to waiting and complaining, but maybe one of you might know of an avenue to take to get past cashier support to someone at FTP willing to do something to fulfill Full Tilt's end of the bargain?

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Jestocost said...

FWIW, they aren't doing a good job of collecting money either. I have a deposit from December that I have been playing on that still hasn't come out of my bank account.